Acorn Family Holidays

A fully mobile responsive, bookable website with sales and after sales tools built specifically for Acorn Family Holidays.

We were approached by Acorn Travel Group to create a website for their Family business which would improve the SEO, enable full online bookings and allow passengers to be able to pay their balances online.

More recently we rebuilt the template to be mobile responsive and using the single template which we created for the various brands with which we could maintain a single base for the style of the site across the brands, whilst making each one configurable so that the sites could have their own individuality.


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Responsive Design

All websites need to be able to respond to the device on which they are being viewed. The proportion of visits from mobile devices has risen astronomically over the past few years. It's important that the website should re-shape itself for viewing on portrait mobile devices. The Acorn Ski website is designed and developed specifically for this.


Integration with Travel Zen

The Acorn Ski website uses the Locations, Holidays and Image components from the TravelZen system to provide an easy to use system, fully tailored to their requirements, but sharing extensive functionalilty saving cost and increasing the number of features available to them.

"I'm always impressed with the knowledge of these guys..."

Jamie Gardiner - Managing Director, Acorn Travel Group

Acorn Family homepage

Template Development

The key to this website template development was to create something that would both be responsive to the device on which it was being used, the brand needed to be consistent across the different Acorn brands, but customisable enough to be able to flex the design to reflect the differences between them.



SEO is core to our developments, so by taking on the TravelZen system and it's associated structure and functionality, Acorn Ski's natural search engine traffic stands the best chance of exposure as every resort and every landing page has just the right level of SEO.

Technologies Employed

joomla jquery html5 css3 bootstrap ubuntu new relic mysql php cloudfront aws